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Cruising the Spectacular Raja Ampat Archipelago

Discover the hidden gem of Indonesia and embark on an unforgettable sailing adventure with this breathtaking 10-day cruise through the Raja Ampat Archipelago. This area is made up of 600 gorgeous islands, most of which remain untouched by the modern world. Set sail out of Sorong and head to the beautiful island of Kri, where you’ll enjoy beaches and coral reefs like no other. Continue to the Boo Islands, a cluster of tiny isles carpeted with lush green jungles. Next, make your way to the island of Misool and hike to the traditional village of Lenmolas. Here, you’ll befriend locals and get a taste of this remote Indonesian life and culture. Finally, live in paradise as you relax on smooth white sand and dive in crystal blue water on the most beautiful beaches Indonesia has to offer.

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  • Hike through the untamed jungles of Gam and see exotic wildlife such as the famous Red Bird-of-paradise
  • Travel to the unforgettable Wayag Islands and be captivated by endless emerald green islands
  • Experience paradise on Kalig and Fiabacet and swim through clear turquoise water
  • Dive into the sea and discover spectacular coral reefs off the shores of Kri
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Day by Day Itinerary

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Day 1
Sorong to Kri Island

Begin your journey by boarding a luxurious schooner in Sorong. Sail to the gorgeous island of Kri and make your way to its shoreline. Here, you’ll spoil yourself by basking under the sun while lying on smooth white sand. We recommend taking a dip in the turquoise water and grabbing a snorkel to explore colorful coral reefs. After, return to the boat and spend the night at anchor.

Day 2
Gam Island

Return to Kri Island and enjoy an early morning snorkelling session. See the stunning coral reefs that Kri is known for and be captivated by the bright schools of fish that pass by. In the afternoon, sail to the island of Gam, where you’ll hike through untamed jungle. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the famous Red Bird-of-paradise. After, rest onboard the cruise as we sail overnight to the Wayag Islands.

Day 3
Wayag Islands

Wake up in the Wayag Islands and be captivated by the endless green isles that surround you. This unique landscape is a combination of coves, lagoons, narrow inlets, caves and jagged rocks. Spend the day in paradise and uncover the most beautiful beaches Indonesia has to offer. In the evening, we raise anchor and make our way to the south of the archipelago overnight.

Day 4
Kofiau and Boo Islands

After breakfast, visit Deer, a scenic village on Kofiau Island. Here, you’ll uncover more paradisiac beaches with crystal clear waters. In the afternoon, head to the Boo Islands, a group of tiny isles bursting with lush green jungles. The rest of the day will be devoted to island-hopping and snorkeling in Boo Kecil lagoon. Make your way past the beaches to trek through uninhabited islands and admire the exotic birds that fly by. In the evening, rest onboard and anchor here for the night.

Day 5

Lift anchor at sunrise and sail to the island of Misool. Step on land and hike to the traditional village of Lenmolas in the afternoon. Here, you’ll interact with locals and learn about Indonesian history and culture. Besides this village, Misool is almost uninhabited. Take this opportunity to indulge in the beautiful scenery as you venture through rich forests and hike around hilly landscapes.

Day 6
Farondi Islands

In the morning, discover more of the breathtaking Misool archipelago before you head south. During the journey, gaze at the endless islands that pass you by from the deck of the schooner. In the afternoon, we’ll anchor in the Farondi Islands and give you a chance to uncover the alluring shores and landscapes.

Day 7
Kalig and Fiabacet Islands

Depart from the Farondi Islands and travel to the untouched islands of Kalig and Fiabacet. Here, you’ll spoil yourself with another day in paradise. Relax on glimmering white sand and enjoy the warm sun on your face. In the afternoon, dive in the clear water and discover vibrant coral reefs just off the shore.

Day 8
Kepulauan Penyu

When the sunrises, you’ll make your way to the islands of Kepulauan Penyu. Indulge in another unforgettable beach day and jump in the water to discover colorful coral reefs and an abundance of life under the sea. After, return to the cruise and begin the journey back to the mainland.

Day 9
Markhesa Bay

Start the day in Batanta Island, where you’ll enjoy one last frolic in cool clear waters and on picturesque beaches. In the afternoon, sail to Markhesa Bay and go ashore to befriend locals in a nearby traditional village. In the evening, take in the unforgettable view of the twinkling night sky from the deck and relax on your last night onboard the cruise.

Day 10

On your final day, return to Sorong in the morning and depart the schooner. Here, we’ll wish you farewell and are more than happy to assist you with your next travel plans. For the remainder of the day, we recommend hiking the many mountains, hills, lowlands and protected forests that surround the harbor town. Be sure to head to the top of the hills for a stunning view of Sorong.


Suggested Accommodations

Private Schooner

Private Schooner

Navigate the waterways and explore the islands in luxurious style and comfort on your private schooner. Remote Lands offers a range of vessels for your stay, with air-conditioned cabins, en-suite bathrooms and spacious decks on which to relax and admire the views. With your own private boat, you will have the freedom to explore this amazing territory at your leisure, stopping off for diving, island-hopping, snorkeling, swimming and trekking. Schooners are equipped with a full crew, in order to make your stay as comfortable and special as possible.

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