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Overland Adventure through Flores to Komodo

8 days / 7 nights
Price Per Person
From $3,100

This is the perfect getaway for those looking for adventure, relaxation and an off-the-beaten path holiday in unmapped Indonesia. Our 8-day Overland Adventure will take you through Maumere, Moni, Kelimutu, Bajawa, Ruteng, Labuan Bajo, Rinca, and Komodo Island. Explore caves and waterfalls many think only exist in the movies. Get a true taste of the authentic and exotic culture of these stunning tropical islands. 

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  • Volcano Sunrise: Rise early and summit Mount Kelimutu to catch a stunning sunrise illuminating the land and lakes.
  • Hobbit Cave: Explore this curious cave where ancient human remains measuring only a meter-tall have been found.
  • Spiderweb Rice Fields: On the outskirts of Ruteng are unique rice fields which farmers have divided into the shape of a spider's web, a tradition that dates back hundreds of years.


Day 1 Maumere

Begin this once-in-a-lifetime experience arriving in Maumere - a charming small city on Flores Island. This intimate island has a high Roman Catholic population and special ceremonies specific to the island can be observed daily. Check into your hotel. Spend the rest of the day exploring the island at your leisure.

Day 2 Moni

The day kicks off with a stop at the Roman Catholic Seminary of Ledalero, where you can also peruse the collection of ancient artifacts at the seminary’s museum - the Bikon Blewt Museum. Explore the village of Sikka and learn about the ikat weaving process. That afternoon, we will land on Moni, the small settlement at the base of the volcanic Mount Kelimutu. Check into the innovative and environmentally-friendly Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge - this is the highest quality accommodation in the area where you can look out over stunning views of Mount Kelimutu. Call it an early night to rest up for an active and early morning.


Day 3 Bajawa

Rise and shine with a 3:30am wake up call. From base camp, you’ll drive close to the principal viewing site. Climb the 127 stairs to the top to catch the incredible first few rays of light as the sun begins to paint the eastern sky. Watch as the different colors of the lakes become visible with the morning sun. Later that morning, walk through the old port town of Ende before stopping in Tanggo Beach and enjoying a seafront picnic. Snap a picture of the egg-sized volcanic stones blanketing the beach. Finish the day by reaching Bajawa and checking into a locally-owned hotel. 

Day 4 Ruteng

Travel to the village of Belarahi and take an hour and a half trek. The trek is an easy walk through the natural savanna, thick bamboo forests and picturesque oceanfront. After your trek, return to the village, where you’ll see a rare performance of a traditional local dance. Next, we will drive to Mbalata Beach for an afternoon swim and picnic lunch. Finish the day by driving to Ruteng and check into your hotel.


Day 5 Ruteng

Day 5 of our trip is a memorable day as you journey to the Tengku Lese Waterfall. After a short trek through the gorgeous rice fields, watch the tumbling water down the two-tiered waterfall that cascades into a small rainbow producing pool at the bottom. That afternoon, we’ll travel to the Liang Bua Cave -  also known as the Hobbit Cave for the meter-tall human remains found in the cave dating back to 18,000 years ago.

Day 6 Labuan Bajo

The day begins with an impressive photo opportunity of an intricate, delicate “spider-web” rice field where the field actually resembles its wispy namesake. The second stop of the day is in Melo Village. You will have the treat of seeing a Caci performance - a ritual whip fight between two men. Post-fight share an authentic Manggarai lunch with the local villagers. That evening, reach Labuan Bajo and check into your hotel.

Day 7 Labuan Bajo

Visit the Komodo National Park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site composed of about 80 small islands, making up an archipelago. Look for the famous dragons, along with deer, buffaloes, monkeys, wild horses, sea eagles, sulfur crested cockatoos and even flying foxes. After you’re finished exploring Komodo National Park, take a 45-minute boat ride to Rinca, a small island where you will enjoy a two hour nature hike guided by a local ranger. 

Day 8 Departure

Your full journey ends today - you’ll transfer from Labuan Bajo to Bali and begin your travels home.


Price is based on double or twin hotel room occupancy and includes accommodation, transfers, car/driver, English-speaking guide, activities and entrance fees, breakfasts and some casual lunches while touring. Flights and optional special activities will be quoted separately. Most personal expenses, including dinners, alcoholic beverages, spa treatments and gratuities can be paid on the spot while traveling. Prices may vary depending on season, choice of accommodation and other factors.

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With Remote Lands you'll travel with people who have made Asia the solitary focus of their own lifelong adventure. As our guest, in the continent that our north American founders Catherine and Jay have adored and explored for decades, you'll discover Asia on a journey that is completely, authentically your own, adapted from our own remarkable experiences and adventures over the years.


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