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Breathtaking Cruise from Maumere to Ambon

14 days / 13 nights
Price Per Person
From $29,800
Diving, Luxury Cruises

Experience Indonesia like never before with this luxurious 14-day cruise. Start the tour off by sailing to the picturesque island of Kumba. Here, you’ll snorkel off its shores and discover an underwater world full of beautiful coral gardens. Continue to Wetar and relax in the soothing waters of local hot springs. Next, visit the remote volcanic islands of Teun, Serua and Nila and be captivated by the scenic landscape that surrounds you. Finish the tour in the Banda Archipelago, a region bursting with spectacular sea gardens, tropical beaches and rugged volcanic mountains. Here, you’ll visit the famous spice islands and learn about Indonesian history.

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  • Indonesia by Water: Made up of over 17,500 islands, arguably the best way to explore Indonesia is by sailing. Discover small remote islands scattered from the Flores Sea to Banda Sea, and everything in between.
  • Private Charter: Embark on your adventure at sea on a private fully-outfitted luxury vessel of your choosing, from traditional Indonesian phinisis to modern schooners.
  • Land and Sea: Get the best of both worlds, with unrivaled diving and snorkeling beneath the waters as well as scenic treks and visits to remote villages on land.


Day 1



Begin your journey by boarding a luxurious private schooner in Maumere. Set sail and watch a stunning sunset from the deck before traveling overnight to the island of Kumba. Relax onboard and spend the night gazing at millions of twinkling stars from the deck.

Day 2



Begin the day by anchoring at Kumba Island, which is home to an active volcano. Head for land and take a stroll along a gorgeous pebble beach. Next, grab your snorkel, jump into clear turquoise water and swim among beautiful coral reefs and exotic schools of fish. After, return to the boat and sail overnight to the island of Lembata.

Day 3



Arrive on Lembata Island in the morning, and journey to the traditional hunting village of Lamalerap. Here, you’ll witness a community whose livelihoods depend entirely on the sea. Fishermen practice whaling in the area and you’ll see them busy at work in their tiny sailboats. In the evening, take in another beautiful sunset while we cruise towards the Alor Archipelago.

Day 4


Alor Island

Stop in Alor and reach the shores of Kalabahi, the main town on the island. Enjoy hiking through lush hills and continue until you reach the village of Takpala. Here, you’ll spend the rest of the day experiencing local Indonesian life and learning about their culture. In the late afternoon, return to the schooner and stay the night in Alor.

Day 5


Alor Island

Spend the day at sea and rest onboard as you cruise from Alor Island. We will depart from Alor in the morning and sail past the picturesque islands of Sunda and Maluku. During the journey, gaze at the endless islands that pass you by from the deck of the vessel. Continue overnight and reach Wetar Island in the morning.

Day 6


Wetar Island

Wake up and step onto the island of Wetar. From there, make your way to the tiny islet of Reong and trek to the mainland. Here, you’ll indulge in a dip in the natural hot springs. In the afternoon, you’ll visit a traditional village sparsely populated with hunter-gatherers. After, return to the cruise and marvel at the beautiful landscape as you sail to the north coast of the island.

Day 7



Arrive in Moapora and spoil yourself with a beach day on the idyllic island. Grab your snorkels and discover alluring coral gardens and vibrant tropical fish. In the afternoon, make your way to a local village full of ripe orange and coconut groves. Take this opportunity to meet the friendly locals that live on the island and enjoy a cup of sweet tea with them in the afternoon.

Day 8


Damar Island

In the early morning, visit the exciting island of Danmar. Go ashore and stop at the traditional village of Beber, where you’ll admire impressive huts made from sago palm leaves. In the afternoon, choose to hike around a majestic volcano or travel to the untouched island of Pulau Terbang Utara.

Day 9


Nila Island

Today will be spent visiting the remote volcanic islands of Teun, Serua and Nila. Head to shore and hike through lush jungles. At the end of the journey, prepare to be captivated by an amazing view of the active volcanoes. After, rest onboard the boat as you sail overnight to Manuk.

Day 10


Manuk Island

Begin the day on the pristine island of Manuk, where you’ll spend time admiring exotic wildlife. Keep your eyes open for rare birds. There’s a good chance you’ll spot frigate birds, gannets and more. In the evening, make another overnight crossing to the Banda archipelago, a region famous for its natural beauty and cultural history.

Day 11


Naira Island

In the morning, anchor at Naira Island of the Banda Islands and step into the old town of Banda Neira. Spend the day learning about the fascinating history of this part of Indonesia. Centuries ago, the Dutch used the island as a headquarters to control plantation production. Here, you’ll take a tour through ancient fortresses and historic houses. Continue your hike and admire the active Gunung Api volcano looming in the distance.

Day 12


Naira Island

Return to the island after breakfast and embark on an unforgettable hike up Mount Gunung Ap. Take in the beautiful sights of endless green forest and smoke spewing from the top of the active volcano. After, take a stroll through the last operating nutmeg plantation in the archipelago. Here, you’ll witness how nutmeg and lace are grown, harvested and processed.

Day 13


Run Island

Depart from Banda and sail to Run when the sun rises. Once on land, walk through the historic island, which is blanketed with nutmeg trees. Hundreds of years ago, nutmeg and mace production made Run an important economic resource. After a tour of the island, lift anchor and enjoy one last overnight voyage to Ambon.

Day 14



On your final day, arrive in Ambon in the morning and depart the cruise ship. Here, we say farewell and are more than happy to assist you with your next travel plans. For the remainder of the day, we recommend relaxing on the stunning beaches of Liang or Latuhalat. Be sure to snorkel off the coasts to discover more colorful coral reefs


Price includes private use of charter yacht for the duration of your sailing holiday, services of captain and crew, free use of dive equipment and services of dive master, free use of on-board water sports equipment, all meals and soft drinks and 5 hours of cruising per day. Flights and optional special activities will be quoted separately. Most personal expenses, including dinners, alcoholic beverages, spa treatments and gratuities can be paid on the spot while traveling. Prices may vary depending on season, choice of accommodation and other factors.

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