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Sailing Adventures in Komodo and North Flores

Set sail around the beautiful islands of Indonesia and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. Begin your journey by sunbathing on picturesque beaches and swimming in cool turquoise water as we island-hop and make our way to Loh Buaya Bay. Next, hike through Komodo National Park and get up-close and personal with the intimidating Komodo dragon, the largest extant species of lizard. Continue to the beautiful island of Padar and grab a snorkel and fins to see the vibrant and exotic creatures living under the sea. After, sail to the island of Mesa, home to Bajau “Sea Gypsies” and experience a very unique and isolated traditional Indonesian culture. This luxury five-day cruise is the perfect way to get off the beaten path and experience Indonesia like never before. 

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  • Come face to face with the deadly Komodo dragon at the Komodo National Park
  • Take a stroll through Mesa Island and experience regional Indonesian culture
  • Snorkel in the beautiful Riung Islands and see vibrant coral gardens and marine life 
  • Witness up-close how the Bajau "Sea Gypsies" have adapted to live life completely on the water
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Day by Day Itinerary

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Day 1
Labuan Bajo

Start your unforgettable journey by boarding a private schooner in Labuan Bajo and setting sail to a view of picturesque islands along the way to Loh Buaya Bay. Today, you’ll experience paradise as we island hop to beautiful, pristine beaches. Take this opportunity to swim in cool turquoise water, bask under the sun on soft sand and see exotic marine life while snorkelling. After, head to Loh Buaya Bay, where you will anchor and stay the night.

Day 2
Loh Liang Bay

Begin the day by trekking through Rinca Island, home to the deadly Komodo dragon. See the mysterious creatures in their natural habitat along with wild deer, horses and buffaloes. After the hike, return to the boat and sail to the breathtaking island of Padar. Here, you’ll witness an abundance of colorful and rare sea life as you enjoy another snorkelling opportunity. Next, sail to Loh Liang Bay and relax onboard the cruise for the evening.

Day 3
Komodo to Mesa

In the morning, head to Komodo National Park and journey where few have traveled as a park ranger leads you to the secret lairs of Komodo dragons. Here you’ll see their unique dens and nests while learning more about the ancient lizard. In the afternoon, visit the island of Mesa, home to Bajau “Sea Gypsies” and witness a unique cultural way of Indonesian life. See fishermen busy at work and admire their impressive stilt houses, which sit several feet above the water. Finish the day with a gorgeous sunset on board as we set sail overnight to the north coast of Flores.

Day 4
Riung Islands

Spend the entire day in the stunning Riung Islands, a group of 17 untouched islands bursting with scenic beaches and vibrant coral reefs. Here, you’ll enjoy more snorkelling and have the opportunity to hike up the hills. Trek to the top for a scenic view of endless ocean and lush islands. After, return to the boat and sail overnight to the island of Palu’e.

Day 5
Punga Beach

After breakfast, head to the shores of Punga Beach and enjoy an early morning hike to Ko’a, a sacred site high in the hills where local villagers pay tribute to their ancestors. After, you have the option to sail to Ropa and enjoy an extra excursion to Mount Kelimutu tomorrow or head back to Maumere. For those who choose to depart at Maumere, we will assist you with your next travel arrangements and wish you farewell.

Day 6

We recommend adding a day to the cruise and journey to Mount Kelimutu, a volcano considered to be sacred by locals. Here, you’ll get to see the three different colored crater lakes. Walk along the mountain and see one lake that is black-brown, one that is green and one that is changing from green to a reddish hue. Many myths surround the volcano, as locals believe the changing colors are caused by neglected souls.


Suggested Accommodations

Private Schooner

Private Schooner

Spend a leisurely few days aboard your own private schooner, a two-masted sailing vessel built of sturdy, southeast Asian teak. Explore beaches, fish, snorkel, scuba dive, and hop from one lovely island to another. The schooner features comfortable, luxurious rooms, your own private crew (including chef), and the freedom to stop or weigh anchor whenever and wherever you please.
Private Schooner

Private Schooner

Navigate the waterways and explore the islands in luxurious style and comfort on your private schooner. Remote Lands offers a range of vessels for your stay, with air-conditioned cabins, en-suite bathrooms and spacious decks on which to relax and admire the views. With your own private boat, you will have the freedom to explore this amazing territory at your leisure, stopping off for diving, island-hopping, snorkeling, swimming and trekking. Schooners are equipped with a full crew, in order to make your stay as comfortable and special as possible.

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