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Having travelled quite intrepidly, we wanted a trip that wouldn't fall into the traditional category of 'honeymoon' -- so we decided on Papua New Guinea.
Mark & Katherine - London, UK

Papua New Guinea
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Our selection of luxury Papua New Guinea itineraries helps you experience the best this wonderful country has to offer, whether it's taking in the best-known sights or getting off the beaten track. Our Classic PNG itinerary is the perfect introduction to the country, including the Sepik region, Goroka, and Mount Hagen, while we also have dedicated itineraries focusing on wildlife, festivals and jungle exploration. 

Our PNG itineraries can be booked as they are, customized to your own requirements, combined with each other, or simply used as a source of inspiration for creating your own tailor-made holiday. 

From $1,100 per person per day

Venture into wild Papua New Guinea on this comprehensive 12-day luxury journey. This getaway balances ventures to remote natural locations with rustic adventures. Flit between trekking in the Sepik Region and catching breathtaking views from Mount Hagen for an unforgettable experience.

Hiking & Biking
From $1,020 per person per day

Gear up for the adventure of a lifetime on this 14-day exclusive itinerary through the stunning, natural country of Papua New Guinea. Begin with a thrilling canoe trip and finish with plenty of time for relaxing on the pristine white sands. Meet the folkloric Asaro Mudmen and learn about an incredibly remote culture.

From $1,230 per person per day

Birdwatcher's paradise and a fisherman's haven are only a flight away with this 12-day itinerary taking you deep into exotic Papua New Guinea's wildlife culture. Stay in comfortable, eco-friendly lodges as you get up close and personal with the country's fascinating wildlife, including pelicans and fig parrots.

Hiking & BikingSports & AdventureWildlife
From $1,120 per person per day

A cultural phenomenon and delight - the Goroka Festival - is unlike any other festival in the world. Papua New Guinea showcases its wide variety of traditions during this 14-day adventure. Meet local chieftains and observe traditions including wild authentic dances when attending the colorful cultural show.

Arts & MusicWildlife
From $1,150 per person per day

An incredibly well-rounded adventure, this 13-day itinerary takes you through many of Papua New Guinea’s most remote, beautiful locations. Trek in the rainforest, canoe winding rivers, chat with local tribes and lounge on the soft, powder-white beaches in both the Southern Highlands and along the Sepik River.

Arts & MusicDiving & WatersportsHiking & BikingSports & Adventure
From $800 per person per day

Untouched rainforests, the winding Sepik River, the stunning Madang beaches and the friendly local tribes await you on this 13-day Papua New Guinea adventure. Trek through the lush forest, celebrate the traditional Sing-Sing and enjoy the end reward with time to relax on the stunning, powder-white beaches.

Arts & MusicDiving & WatersportsHiking & BikingSports & Adventure
From $900 per person per day

A unique peek into a culture few travelers are lucky enough to see, this 10-day itinerary will show you a whole new side of Papua New Guinea. Meet fascinating, rare species, scuba dive exuberant coral reefs, hike in the sprawling Kaironk River Valley and enjoy a motorized canoe ride along the Sepik River.

Diving & WatersportsHiking & BikingSports & AdventureWildlife
From $780 per person per day

Scuba dive alongside incredible whale sharks, trek through dense jungles and watch as locals mingle with fearful-yet-fascinating crocodiles on this 12-day Papua New Guinea luxury journey. This one-of-a-kind adventure takes place in August during the wild Crocodile Festival in the Sepik Region.

Diving & WatersportsHiking & BikingWildlife
From $1,000 per person per day

Trekking in the jungle, canoeing along seemingly endless rivers, snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, and relaxing on stunning white sand are all in store on this 12-day Papua New Guinea luxury adventure. Gain unique cultural insight as you trek between remote villages and stay with welcoming locals.

Diving & WatersportsHiking & BikingSports & AdventureWildlife
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