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Having travelled quite intrepidly, we wanted a trip that wouldn't fall into the traditional category of 'honeymoon' -- so we decided on Papua New Guinea.
Mark & Katherine - London, UK

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Papua New Guinea

Comprised of over 600 islands and more than 800 different cultural groups, Papua New Guinea is almost an untouched tourist destination, an oceanic and traditional country located in the Solomon Sea. Being a relatively virgin country in terms of tourism, Papua New Guinea’s selection of accommodation is limited. In the main city of Port Moresby, visitors will find passable and comfortable accommodation. Surprisingly, visitors must travel to a less populous region to find true five-star comforts. The eastern provinces boast mountainous jungle that has been untouched and undeveloped, including the ecologically diverse Sepik region where localsspeak more than 250 languages, visitors can stay in an intimate floating lodge. The Sepik Spirit provides spacious quarters and a true five-star experience, while still maintaining the unique sense of adventure native to Papua New Guinea. Undulating on the exotic Sepik River, guests will find that a few nights on the Sepik Spirit are well-worth the journey.

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Sepik Spirit
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