Our private jet was a very important part of our trip. Most of the legs were less than 30 minutes, compared to six to 10 hours if we traveled by road. Overall, we had a fantastic trip to a new country for us. Remote Lands never fails!
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New Delhi

One of the world's oldest continually inhabited cities, Delhi has been built, invaded and colonized by global powers throughout history, including central Asian invaders, the Mughal dynasty and, most recently, the British Empire. Today, this historic city is now the capital of India, and with 12.5 million people, the second largest urban area in India after Mumbai; in contrast to that upstart's glitzy, fast-paced Bollywood lifestyle, Delhi, the seat of government, is decidedly more traditional. It is also a city of contrasts, with the grandeur and European flair of sights like India Gate and the Rajpath in New Delhi rubbing elbows with the gritty bustle of the historic Chandni Chowk market area of Old Delhi. It is home to some of the country's greatest architectural gems, including Humayun's Tomb and the Red Fort, and an abundance of five-star hotels cater to the modern luxury traveler.

Visitors should note that the months of April through June are exceedingly hot and humid and July through September brings monsoon rains; as such, the best time to visit is during October to March, when the air is generally dry and temperatures moderate.

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Our co-founder Jay Tindall is a regular visitor to India, where he loves staying in the palace hotels of Rajasthan. His favourite experience? The amazing Kumbh Mela festival.
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