Catherine and her team...were able to put together a trip with exactly the kind of experiences we were dreaming of.
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Japan is home to rich, colorful traditions that are a result of the country’s isolation from the rest of the world for much of history. Now that tourism has increased, Japan welcomes visitors with open arms (well actually, a bow), and brings its traditional hospitality into both its new and ancient hotels. Ryokans are traditional Japanese inns that originated in the Edo period. Traditionally, they feature humble rooms and communal bathrooms, but nowadays, luxury ryokans offer tourists a five-star experience that still incorporates the rich traditions of the hotel, like at Hoshinoya Kyoto. Those spending their time in Tokyo will love the state-of-the-art technology these cutting edge hotels have to offer. The Peninsula Hotel Tokyo features everything from espresso machines to nail drying machines, as well as an aromatherapy shower. 

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Our co-founder Jay Tindall finds Japan both a challenging and rewarding travel destination, which requires several visits to truly understand. It's also his favourite food destination in Asia.
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